Waltz 1.36 (late August 2021) introduces several new features and some important fixes.


Waltz: 1.36


The most noticeable change is around the section navigation which is shown in the video below and is also explored in more detail in this dedicated blog post.


Flow Classification Rules

  • Auth Sources have become Flow Classification Rules, this reflects how this feature has been evolving.
  • Each flow classification rule has a dedicated view page which shows companion data. Companion Application Rules show where the source application is also mentioned in other rules, and Companion Data Rules show any other rules which cover the data type.

Flow Classification Rule


  • Attestation optimizations, giving users a more streamlined approach to attesting large numbers of applications.
  • Application viewpoint attestations were only viewable in the history tab. We have now included a dedicated tab which shows the current state of the application viewpoint attestations for each category.

Attestation Tab

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