Moving into the org.finos namespace

As part of the development of Waltz 1.39 we have (finally) completed the renaming of Waltz assets away from com.khartec and onto org.finos.

This has involved changes to over 1.3K files - thankfully Intellij’s refactoring capabilities took care of most of these!

What’s changed

From an end-user point of view nothing will look different.

However, for developers they will notice that:

  • all packages have had their prefixes renamed
  • the Maven groups has changed to be org.finos
  • generated code goes into an org.finos package structure
  • ArchUnit tests have been updated to account for the new package structure

We have taken care to preserve git history so using tools like git blame will still function as expected.

Changes that may be needed are:

  • launchers, may need their fully qualified class names updating (simply replace com.khartec with org.finos).


We’ve tested this change extensively and don’t believe it will cause any problems. If you do find some issues please reach out to us and we will do our best to help you resolve them.