Waltz 1.48 (late March 2023) introduces several new features and some important fixes.


This 10 minute screencast gives a quick overview of recent changes in 1.48 (and a few releases before that).

Waltz: 1.48

Topics covered:

Report Grids

Report grids have been improved, this screencast covers:

  • Cloning (copying existing grids)
  • Derived Columns (computing cells from other values)
  • Filter groups (saving the results of preset filters)


Assessments have been extended to support multi-valued results.
The screencast give a quick overview of how they work and how they are configured.

Allows linking applications to Legal Entities (i.e. via a Controlling Legal Entity Relationship). The screencast covers:

  • Intro to Legal Entity Support
  • Navigation
  • Bulk loading


  • Waltz now allows users to view historic costs associated with groups of applications.
  • Assessment overview widgets
  • Discussion of improvements to the permission framework

You may also be interested in checking out the complete Waltz playlist on YouTube.